For me Start to live is a dream come true. While making music with other band members you have to compromise a lot and though I’ve been playing in many bands for the last twenty years I’ve never had the possibility to realise all of my ideas.

So the wish to make my own thing has arisen long ago but as it often is in life there was always something more important to do. But finally the moment did arrive…

To describe this album is like trying to describe an ocean. Sometimes it’s churning and roaring and then again smooth and quiet.

With these songs I want to express my feelings, my hate and anger. I’m furious with the mighty people in the world who destroy our environment and don’t waste a thought on the future of the planet. I believe that the earth is taking revenge for our ignorance with the only means she has – natural disasters.

I want to leave my children a beautiful, intact world and try to reach a few people with my songs who feel the same and who want to take a little step in the direction of a better future.

So, open your eyes and take a look at the world and you will see all aspects of Seraphin. You’ll discover natural forces and disasters and you’ll find grief and anger but love as well. Let yourself go and feel the music with each of your senses and Seraphin will accompany you if only you let him.